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This Robot Here is used as a Wine Rack

Bots are cool especially if you own one like this and if you can’t build one then buy one! Yes it’s for sale on Craigslist and what you’ll see next are the specifications and some details about the robot on his craigslist page. The only show stopper that i can see on getting this gigantic wine rack holder is the price, at $7,000 USD you can put this up on your living room.

Height: 6 feet
Weight: Approx 1,000lbs
Material contents: Used transmission parts from automobiles and motorcycles. There are even parts on the statue that are stamped with the “Ford” logo
Bottle capacity: 32 bottles depending on size of bottle. 

All parts used to artistically weld together this stunning piece of artwork have been dipped into a solution to neutralize and remove any oil, grime, or chemicals to ensure there are no corrosive chemicals left. The entire piece was then painted gun metal grey and then clear coated. It has blue LED lights that have been carefully wired into the body all along the leg and up into the torso to the top of the shoulder. There are also LED lights mounted in the “calf” of the leg.

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Jetovatoring is the Future Sport

Tell me it’s not fun and I’ll smack you in the face! Now this is what you call water powered jetpacks! If you’re failed surfer because you suck at maintaining balance then this baby here will teach you the right thing by not being hard while standing on a surf board.

The price though does not come cheap and goes for a retail price of $8975 according to distributor Jetovator. Question for you sports fans and adventurous punks, Are you willing to pay for this nasty toy?

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