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Chinese Repairs Broken Post by Taping Them

This is Chinese Telecom’s unique way of fixing things when they repair a broken post. Now I’m wondering how customer support is doing well in China? If this happens right in front of your house then I bet you need to do some  working on your own unless you trust the quality of taping that they provide. Well Done! Well Done.

Source: Lowyat

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High Heel Shoe Gum? WTF!!!

First, I don’t know if this is for the girls or for the guys. It has a style of rubber shoes that is for men but is awkwardly designed with a gum (which is cool) so it will be high heeled. Now the only reason that I won’t buy this stuff is that it’s priced for $2240 on this site. Unless you’re a shoe(s) collector then this might be the right stuff for you! So are you going to buy this stuff?

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Odd Urinals!

Yes you can pee on them and they won’t bite or embarass you. But I’m sure they’re designed for you to have a hard time taking that excess waste out of your body. Probably nice if I can extend the gallery but Tumblr’s photo set can only accommodate 10 pics. Will try to get more of this in the future. Don’t forget to share!

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Artificial Teeth Used on Stuff Toy

Will kids love this toys? probably not and I think this is centered for collectors of weird things. It’s actually for sale here and according to the url it’s cat hair and teeth, that’s really creepy for a stuffed toy that kids will cuddle but is pretty good to scare someone off.

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